Watch: NBC News Melts Down As Vivek Ramaswamy Challenges ‘White Supremacy’ Narrative

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Ramaswamy refuses to take bait, instead points out American people tired of media’s racial division and are hungry for truth.

An NBC News reporter had her work cut out for her as she attempted to corner Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy into a debate on race and white supremacy.

With an aide by her side, reporter Dasha Burns asked Ramaswamy why he didn’t acknowledge the 2015 Charleston church shooting committed by supposed white supremacist Dylann Roof.

“When you were talking to reporters last night, you called white supremacy a myth,” Burns told Ramaswamy. “When someone asked you about Dylann Roof, you said you didn’t know who that is. Have you looked up what happened in 2015?”

Vivek handles Regime Media like a boss.

NBC News reporter Dasha Burns has a meltdown as Vivek shreds her scripted reality.

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) January 5, 2024

Ramaswamy refused to take the bait, instead pointing out how the WaPo reporter during the exchange in question had cherry picked the incident in order to frame her argument that there’s a real rise in white supremacy.

“Look, I’ve said this last night, invidious racial discrimination is wrong no matter how it happens. But if a Washington Post reporter is asking me, almost like a catechism, whatever question – I said, ‘I’m against invidious racial discrimination, whatever form it takes’ – but says, ‘Do you think we should denounce white supremacy?’ — it’s incumbent on us for us to define what ‘white supremacy’ is. I wrote my book, Woke, Inc., and I’ve written about the detailed understanding of what the popular understanding of these terms have come to mean.”

Getting heated, Burns proceeded to tell Ramaswamy he was giving a straw man argument with a previous mention of the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax, which the presidential candidate explained was a microcosm of how the left suppresses negative racial news that doesn’t fit their narrative, while at the same time redefining terms like “nuclear family” and “white supremacy.”

The conversation then descended into an argument about FBI crime statistics, with Ramaswamy telling Burns to compare black on Asian crime, and black on black crime.

“There’s a table, two by two table, a federal law enforcement data, which you could say what you do, maybe we shouldn’t believe that either. But look at black on Asian crime, black on black crime.

“I think that when you actually care about protecting life, if you want to say, ‘Black lives matter,’ let’s look at where black lives are actually being lost. It’s in the cities at the heart of other black Americans and criminals,” he said before being cut off by Burns asking, “But are we supposed to ignore white supremacists, hate crimes?”

Vivek at this point took the opportunity to highlight the media’s selective reporting, especially in the case of the Nashville trans shooter, whose manifesto proving she was an unhinged leftist was purposely withheld from the public.

“We’re not supposed to ignore any kind of crime, Dasha. That’s what I say. But what I see is a selective reporting. Take the Nashville Transgender Shooter Manifesto. Every shooter manifesto in a mass shooting has been released within 48 hours, except for that one shooter in Nashville,” Ramaswamy told Burns.

“Now it ended up being leaked. What do you see? It wasn’t a white supremacist. It was somebody that was actually making fun of using derogatory terms.”

The former businessman went on to explain the left has kept America from achieving the color-blind future envisioned by civil rights leader Martin Luther King by continuing to create division on the basis of race and gender.

“I reject this left-wing narrative that’s creating more artificial division. So I believe I will bring more black and Hispanic voters into our movement, not by saying fake, poll-tested slogans, but by speaking the hard truth that we’ve been imperfect in our past, but let us celebrate the progress we’ve made and reject the media’s cherry-picking narratives to actually get to the truth of the matter. And now, if we care about black lives and the things we’re gonna do, isn’t obsessing about white supremacy, it’s actually fixing the problems in our cities, which I will do as our president.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Ramaswamy addressed so-called “conspiracy theories” he’s espoused on the campaign trail, including Jan. 6 being a fed-orchestrated event and the FBI’s fake Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping — in other words, events that are absolutely true things that actually happened.

“Truth is a priority to me.”

Watch @VivekGRamaswamy expertly handle an NBC news reporter who is claiming he’s pushing “conspiracy theories” while herself lying about the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping set up.

EVERY conservative and Republican need to take notes.

— Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) January 4, 2024

Clearly the MSM reporter went in thinking she could outwit Ramaswamy, however his superior debate skills and extensive knowledge of the corporate mainstream media’s nefarious tactics, coupled with an acute understanding of the public’s thirst for truth, gave him a leg up.

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