WATCH: Brutal Brawl Among 20 ‘Young People’ In Islamized Belgium Neighborhood

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Men beat each other with sticks in dispute over parking space

Multiple people were hospitalized following a vicious fight involving around 20 participants in an Islamized enclave of Belgium’s most populous city this week, according to reports.

The shocking incident unfolded at around 10 p.m. on Wednesday night in Antwerp.

A dispute believed to have started over a parking space spiraled out of control, leading to a massive brawl that sent bystanders fleeing to safety.

Footage shot by a witness has been circulating on social media.

📽 De beruchte Diepestraat in het geïslamiseerde Antwerpen-Noord vanavond: grote vechtpartij met houten stokken tussen een 20-tal ‘jongeren’.

“Mogelijk door een ruzie over een parkeerplaats. (…) Alle betrokkenen hebben een tijdelijk of vast adres in ons land.” #Antwerpistan 👇🏻

— Sam van Rooy (@SamvanRooy1) December 28, 2023

“The infamous Diepestraat in the Islamized North of Antwerp tonight: major brawl with wooden sticks between about 20 ‘young people,’” Flemish MP Sam van Rooy wrote on X.

Officers called to the scene reportedly required substantial backup to restore order.

“When the police arrived, the situation was extremely tense. Several police units were deployed to get the situation under control,” a police spokesman told HLN.

HLN was careful to note that “everyone involved has a temporary or permanent address in our country.”

Two injured people were taken to hospital and four suspects were arrested.

“Due to the continuing impunity and mass immigration in Belgium, we unfortunately see this type of violence more and more,” MP van Rooy told InfoWars earlier this year in response to escalating crime in Belgium.

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