“The System Is Not Going To Let Trump Win,” Vivek Warns Tucker

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The Democrats’ real puppet isn’t Gavin Newsom – it’s Nikki Haley

With establishment favorite Nikki Haley overtaking long-time runner-up Ron DeSantis in the latest polls, the mainstream media is going wild about the chances of the woman-warmonger toppling Trump somehow.

For context…

However, Trump’s massive lead is not stopping the deep state from doing everything it can to promote Haley, and that prompted Vivek Ramaswamy and Tucker Carlson to expose some reality behind her sudden success.

Tucker starts by pointing out the dilemma Democratic megadonors face with Joe Biden’s declining popularity and Kamala Harris’s unpopularity, suggesting that these donors might be attempting to subvert the Republican Party by backing a candidate like Nikki Haley.

“Strip away all the outward characteristics, and Nikki Haley is identical in her priorities to Joe Biden and the people who back Joe Biden,” Carlson said.

Haley, whose campaign raised $24 million between October and December, has received recent major endorsements from New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu and Americans for Prosperity Action, which is backed by billionaire Charles Koch.

Mr. Carlson then shared a video of Ms. Haley during a town hall in Davenport, Iowa, in October.

During the campaign event, the former South Carolina governor claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind the Hamas incursion of Israel on Oct. 7 and that Russian intelligence had helped aid the attack, which had simultaneously taken attention off the ongoing Russia–Ukraine conflict.

Tech entrepreneur Ramaswamy then weighed in on Tucker’s claims, concurring with the former Fox host that Ms. Haley is a “puppet” for the Democratic Party, and branding her a “Trojan horse.”

“I think the true puppet masters, the thing about them, is they’re fundamentally nonpartisan in nature,” the businessman said.

“There are a few things they care about: Keeping the foreign war machine humming is high on the list. Keeping the administrative state’s control of the United States is also high on the list. They found a much more convenient puppet within the Republican Party itself.

“They have their core objectives, and Nikki makes for a far better Trojan horse to actually accomplish that objective than anybody else.”

Mr. Ramaswamy concluded that it is now “crystal clear” that the “bipartisan system” wants to narrow the GOP presidential race down to just two candidates: former President Trump and Ms. Haley.

“It’s not Biden, and it’s not even Gavin Newsom. It’s Nikki Haley within the Republican Party itself,” he continued.

“And I think that that makes for a very convenient front man because then they actually have absolved themselves from any allegations of partisanship or Democratic partisanship against [former President] Donald Trump.”

Finally, Vivek notes:

“The system is not going to let Trump win, they have their chosen alternative, ready to trot out.”

Watch the abbreviated interview below:

You thought Democrats were going to dump Biden for Gavin Newsom, but they’re not. They’re backing Nikki Haley instead. pic.twitter.com/KcpNMFdZAm

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) January 3, 2024

Watch the full discussion between Tucker and Vivek here at TCN.

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