The NWO’s 2024 Black Swan Tell – Exclusive Report

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They’re telling you something big is coming, are you prepared?

Black Swan. It is the favorite New World Order term. The NWO would have us believe that a Black Swan event is an unfortunate event created by the Russians, MAGA terrorists, or anonymous hackers, not a looming premeditated, war-gamed, genocidal, treasonous act by an establishment fueled by the insanity of a totalitarian eugenicist movement careening off the tracks.

Like Event 201, the Globalists have already clearly telegraphed that they are behind an inevitable Black Swan event. And the rabbit hole is deep.

Following the death of NWO Godfather Henry Kissinger, Kissinger’s loyal Nazi student Klaus Schwab fumbles with the house of cards of the New World Order. As his diabolical leadership becomes clearer to the populous. Schwab struggles to keep the mad dream alive. Unfortunately for this legion of doom addicted would be murderous tyrants, 2024 reveals that humanity is wide awake and Pandora’s box has been opened. And we know exactly who opened it.

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