The Art of Madness: Mental Illness in Greek Tragedy

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The fragility of the human mind has always been subject to fascination. Ancient societies attempted to understand and remedy emotional pain and suffering by looking to the gods, oracles, or through spells and rituals. The Greeks took this perplexity and made it a topic of intense study. Although they continued to incorporate the supernatural, they allowed themselves to theorize, capturing mental health in a way that was influential and revolutionary for its time. 

Thus, great poets and tragedians, like Homer, Sophocles, and Euripides were able to create timeless works of art that made even the most deranged experiences relatable and entertaining. Now more than ever, modern scholars are equipped with the tools and opportunity to explore the intricate psyches of these unique characters and their traumas, providing an insightful glance at mental illness in the Greek imagination. 

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