Pedego Moto review: Fast and furious fun for $4,000

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Enlarge / The Pedego Moto has serious moped energy. (credit: Eric Bangeman)

I’m not a fat-tire bike guy. My tire tastes run toward the thinner end of the spectrum: 28s on my road bike and 35s on my gravel bike. And I must confess to some distaste for fat-tire e-bikes, which I mostly encounter being ridden (and occasionally even pedaled) on local bike trails. But the $3,995 Pedego Moto caught my eye. The specs were impressive, but more importantly, it looked like it would be a blast to ride.

Unlike most of the other e-bikes I’ve reviewed, the Pedego Moto requires little assembly. The Moto arrived in a massive box strapped to a pallet, but once the box was cut away and the bike exposed, all I had to do was adjust the handlebars with a hex key and the Moto was good to go.

From the headlight to the bench seat, Moto sports a rugged moped vibe. There’s a bright color display attached to the handlebars with four control buttons. The two on the front tweak the assist level and navigate setup screens, while the ones on the top and bottom handle power and confirm setup options. There’s another controller just below and to the left of the display that handles the turn signals and headlights.

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