Interview With Director of Film Relating a Crowley Love Story

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We’re proud to share an interview that Lynn Maevius did film director, Rahel Kapsaski, about their recently released film “The Red Lips of The Octopus” which tells the love story of Aleister Crowley and Herbert Charles Pollitt. The film is currently being shown at film festivals.

Maevius was impressed by The Red Lops of the Octopus because it’s not only “a tribute to Kenneth Anger, but it also tells a part of Crowley’s story few people explore. So many people focus on Crowley’s magick, mountain climbing, or spy efforts. This film explores a more sensitive Crowley and one of the most important relationships in his life.”

View the interview:

There’s not much additional information about this production line. Here’s a lil something:

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