‘Immivasion’ Driving Michigan’s Population Growth

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Michigan’s first population increase in five years fueled by immigration

Michigan’s first population increase in five years – fueled by immigration – has the Great Lakes State’s collectivist central planners gushing … as in, you’d think Michigan was playing in a national championship college football game level of enthusiasm.

The numbers, as deconstructed by Bridge MI: “Michigan’s population as of July 1, 2023 is estimated at 10,037,261 up from 3.980 from the year before but still down 40,431 from 2020.”

The part that gets the open-borders crowd swooning: “Michigan gained nearly 4,000 residents in 2023,” as the pandemic waned and immigration increased.

 So, ladies and gentlemen, the Midwest Great Replacement has officially begun!

And it’s been launched with zero discussion about why 167,000 Michigan residents fled the state in 2022 for Texas and Florida and Indiana – likely wanting more bang for their taxpayer dollars or more distance from the harpies of Lansing who champion hairstyle rights, or perhaps looking for governors that don’t partner with the Chinese Communists to make EV battery parts that require slave labor.

There’s also zero public discussion about the complex issue of housing for the newly-arrived ‘immivasion’ migrants (that no one voted to bring to Michigan).

Current shelters are filled to overcapacity as noted by the Detroit News, whose reporter also quoted airheads who think that repurposing abandoned buildings in Detroit to house folks from Syria, Iraq, and Venezuela is a good idea. Remember, Michigan is among the top ten states for refugee resettlement (that no one voted for); the overcrowding is going to worsen.

Difficult conversations about culture, crime, colonization, buses transporting migrants, impact on schools and social services are limited to a dissident state senator or to a few residents. No congressman, faith leader, or academic really has anything of substance to say.

In the meantime, the cultural enrichment and diversity is far-reaching.

South American gangs have robbed upscale Oakland County residents. A prospective child predator from Mexico was found in northern Charlevoix County. The all-Muslim Hamtramck City Council voted to support animal sacrifice at home. A Palestinian flag appeared on a Nativity scene at a Dearborn church. And, tragically, an illegal alien drunk driver killed a 6-month-old baby in St. Joseph County.

The platitude-recycling chirpers are unfazed.

Dr. Alaina Jackson, of Global Detroit, is decisive: “More immigration is the key to economic growth.”

Kurt Metzger, who worked for Data Driven Detroit, offered the Great Replacement money quote: “We need educated immigrants, and we also need lower-educated immigrants to do a lot of the work our aging white population doesn’t want to do.”

Steve Tobocman, also of Global Detroit, is an architect of “immigrant economic development.” Who knew? DEI backwards!?

Growing Michigan Together, a council created by the Whitmer Administration, is firmly on board with the Democrat voter recruitment scam: “Michigan must expand efforts to remove barriers and create inclusive places to attract and retain immigrants and diverse populations.”

It’s startling how invested in Growth, Inc. these NGO progressives are. Whatever happened to championing preservation, low density, less materialism, and greener communities?

Newsflash: Hawking immigrants, as economic assets, is crude, cold, and wrong. America is an ideal, founded by freedom fighters who believed in the Judeo-Christian ethic, the Bill of Rights, and low immigration numbers. It is not a global boarding house or a green card for the world that its detractors are co-opting it to become.

And, sorry, as the American Dream grows increasingly out of reach for the native born, why do these boosters believe it’s going to be any easier for folks who don’t speak English and who are dependent on borrowed public funds? And how long before the migrant children catch on, at school, that there’s an iron-clad, two-tiered class system in their new homeland (just like in their previous homeland): Those that govern v. those that wash the dishes and make the beds of the governing.

Look, we’re heading toward the fourth quarter of this debate.

What would Jim Harbaugh do? Well, he wouldn’t let the Big House become a soccer stadium, if you get my drift.

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