GOP Rep: Senior FBI Officials Directed Operation With 200+ Assets Disguised as Trump Supporters On Jan. 6

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The American people need to have access to all footage from the infamous day immediately!

Rep. Clay Higgins, (R-La.) revealed during an interview with Tucker Carlson this weekend that he has proof there were at least 200 FBI assets embedded in the crowd at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

The GOP congressman claimed Deep State actors within the federal government set the stage for Jan. 6 in order to entrap thousands of Trump supporters.

Ep. 61 This the smartest, best informed account of what actually happened on January 6th.

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) January 6, 2024

Higgins, who is a former police officer, explained the feds used undercover agents and informants to provoke a riot and ultimately paint Trump voters as violent insurrectionists.

The Congressman also serves on the Homeland Security Committee and the Oversight & Reform Committee.

“We believe that there were easily 200 FBI undercover assets operating in the crowd, outside the Capitol, embedded into groups that entered the Capitol or provoked entry of the Capitol,” the elected official told Carlson.

Speaking about the Deep State’s motivation behind the setup, Higgins said, “Their objective was to destroy the entire MAGA movement to forever stain the patriotic fervor that was associated with the America First MAGA movement that had won in 2016 and we believe won again in 2020.”

This isn’t the first time Higgins has made the accusation of feds instigating the Jan. 6 riot, as he has mentioned it on numerous occasions from the House floor.

In November 2023, the Louisiana congressman grilled FBI Director Christopher Wray about footage showing “nefarious” buses near the Capitol on Jan. 6 allegedly “filled with FBI informants dressed as Trump supporters” who then went on to incite the angry crowd.

JUST IN: Democrat tries to cut off Rep. Clay Higgins after he triggers FBI Director Wray about questions regarding FBI informants’ involvement on January 6.

Higgins accused the FBI of filling “ghost busses” with FBI informants who dressed up like Trump supporters.

After Higgins…

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) November 15, 2023

Higgins told investigative journalist Laura Loomer last month he believes “senior officials at the FBI were deeply involved” in the scheme to deploy fake Trump supporters into the J6 crowd.

🚨Rep. Clay Higgins who GRILLED FBI Director Wray about Fed “ghost busses” on J6th drops bombshell new surveillance footage:

“My objective conclusion is that senior officials at the FBI were deeply involved there.”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) December 15, 2023

Concluding his interview with Carlson, Rep. Higgins called on GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson “to fully release” the security footage from January 6. “And then the American people will see for themselves what some of us have already learned, to our horror, to be true.”

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