Experiments of the Rings by Peter of Abano

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Hadean Press has opened pre-orders for Annulorum Experimenta: The Experiments of the Rings by Peter of Abano. The posted description says:

Annulorum Experimenta: The Experiments of the Rings by Peter of Abano draws on the Arab to Latin transmission of image magic. The forty rings and other charms are attributed to the twenty-eight Mansions of the Moon, and unlike other ring texts are largely based around the creation of illusions. Almost all of the spirits mentioned in the creation of the rings and their activation are unique to this text, not occurring in any other known grimoire text.

Annulorum Experimenta is attributed to Peter of Abano, one of the most significant figures of the grimoire tradition. The likelihood of his authorship and his other magical works are discussed in detail in the introduction provided by Regulus Hess, which also contextualises the work historically. An appendix is also included of a translation of the Anelli di Pietro d’Abano, a unique vernacular tract related to the Annulorum Experimenta.

All six manuscripts have been consulted to provide the most complete edition of this grimoire, with text in both Latin and English, and all variants of the seals included in an appendix. A final appendix includes extracts from the Picatrix to facilitate the working of the material, should the reader wish to try this ring magic for themselves.

Regulus Hess is an independent scholar with a focus on medieval magic. His previous works include De Quindecim Stellis: The Comprehensive Translations of Hermes on the Fifteen Fixed Stars and Celestial Gems & Sigils: De Lapidibus & Liber Sigillorum. His website is scriptoriummagicum.com.

Our hardcover edition is printed on 80gsm cream paper and bound in black Wibalin buckram cloth, with cream head and tail bands and printed marbled endpapers. We expect this edition to begin shipping near the end of July.


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