Don Jr. Floats Alex Jones for Trump Press Secretary

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“He has been far more right than our mainstream media on the vast majority of things that are out there,” says former president’s son.

Former First Son Donald Trump Jr. entertained the notion of Infowars radio host Alex Jones assuming the role of former President Donald Trump’s press secretary in his second term.

Don Jr. was answering questions on his Triggered podcast Thursday about possible candidates for Trump’s Cabinet when Alex Jones was brought up as a means to push back against the hostile fake news propagandists.

Going live now. Tune in and have your questions ready I’ll be taking them from the live stream.

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) December 28, 2023

“Alex Jones… Again, there’s a couple people I want to put in as press secretary for like a month, two weeks to a month. That’d be where Laura Loomer would fit in for that one. Again, Alex Jones for a month, just to put these idiots in their place.”

Alex Jones for Trump press secretary?

— Adan Salazar (@AdanSalazarWins) December 29, 2023

Don went on to say he’d take flak from leftist media for bringing up the Infowars founder as a serious suggestion for White House secretary, but remarked someone has to put the media in its place.

“I’m not saying he’s got everything right and this one will be controversial and the nonsense, the clickbait, fake news rags, raw story and media matters and all these liars. ‘Oh my God, Donald Trump Jr. said this is what we got to do. Click here for nonsense.’ These guys will do that. But Alex Jones for a month would put these people in his place.”

“I’m not saying he’s got everything right, but man, he’s been a lot more right over the last decade or so than anyone in our mainstream media,” he continued. “And I can say that with effect, and I’ll get criticized for it, but that’s reality. He has been far more right than our mainstream media on the vast majority of things that are out there. So prepare for the clickbait hit pieces.

Don Jr. went on to agree with one livestream commenter who remarked, “Alex Jones’s batting average is 10x better than CNN…not even close, it’s not even close.”

Another commenter suggested a future run for president with Alex Jones as his running mate.

“Don Jr. – Alex Jones 2028,” Trump remarked. “Oh boy Hey, it would be fun It would be fun.”

Jones’ name was brought up among a list of potential candidates to form an “all-star roster” Cabinet “just to piss these people off” that could include former Rep. Devin Nunes, former AZ gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, MyPillow founder Mike Lindell, former HUD Secretary Ben Carson, rockers Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, journalist Laura Loomer and more.

If Jones were to somehow serve as Trump’s press secretary, it would fulfill a prophecy first foretold by The Babylon Bee in 2017

The fiery Jones wasted no time getting in front of the cameras, holding his inaugural press conference shortly after the announcement.

“I am the new Press Secretary!” he bellowed in his distinct Texas growl at all the reporters present, occasionally taking a handkerchief out of his pocket to dab perspiration from his red face. “AAAAAaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHH!” he continued, beating his chest like a gorilla.

“We’re comin’ for ya globalists! 1776 will commence, you wicked, wicked devils!” he added, before mumbling something about gay frogs.

Jones’ thorough knowledge of the Deep State’s playbook would certainly benefit a Trump administration if it hopes to survive the next four years of this far-left revolutionary period.

Watch the full Triggered episode below:

If Jones were to somehow serve the role of White House press secretary, it would fulfill a prophecy first foretold by The Babylon Bee in 2017

The globalists are increasing their attacks on Infowars and the stakes have never been higher!

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