Discover why the world went quiet in new A Quiet Place: Day One trailer

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Lupita Nyong’o and Joseph Quinn must escape a Manhattan overrun by aliens in A Quiet Place: Day One.

Invading aliens transform a bustling New York City into a silent wasteland in the latest trailer for A Quiet Place: Day One, a prequel to the first two films in the hugely successful horror franchise.

(Mild spoilers for A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place: Part II below.)

As reported previously, the original film began in medias res over a month after an alien invasion set in early 2020. Sightless extraterrestrial creatures wiped out most of the humans and animals on Earth. They hunt by sound thanks to their hypersensitive hearing and are difficult to kill because they sport tough armored skin. The film centered on the Abbott family, struggling to survive a few months after the initial invasion. Dad Lee (John Krasinski) was an engineer focused on keeping his family alive each day. Wife Evelyn (Emily Blunt) was a doctor, pregnant with their fourth child.

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