Circular Labyrinthine Structure from the Minoan Era Discovered on Crete

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The latest excavation at Papoura Hill, near the town of Kastelli in Crete, has revealed an extraordinary find that is reshaping our understanding of Minoan architecture. Situated 494 meters (1,621 feet) above sea level, this monumental architectural ensemble is unique in Minoan archaeology, with its circular structure spanning approximately 48 meters (157 feet) in diameter and covering an area of around 1800 square meters (19,375 square feet). 

This significant discovery, located at the highest point of Papoura Hill, is part of the ongoing excavations necessitated by the construction of a new airport. The find includes a complex of eight superimposed stone rings with an average thickness of 1.40 meters (4.6 feet) and a maximum surviving height of 1.7 meters (5.6 feet). These rings form a central circular building, referred to as Zone A, with a diameter of 15 meters (49 feet), subdivided into four quadrants, reports a Greek Ministry of Culture press release. 

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