African Man Found in Landing Gear of Plane Arriving at Paris Airport

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Stowaway suffering from severe hypothermia discovered in Air Algerie aircraft

A man from Africa survived a flight to France after stowing away in the landing gear of a passenger plane this week, according to reports.

The shocking discovery was made just before 11 a.m. on Thursday morning at Paris-Orly Airport.

An Air Algerie flight had just arrived from the Algerian city of Oran when crews found a stowaway “alive but in absolute emergency because of severe hypothermia,” an anonymous airport source told AFP.

“A young man was discovered near the landing gear upon arrival of a flight from Oran.”

Footage reportedly shot by an Algerian employee shows medical personnel preparing a stretcher on the tarmac underneath the aircraft.

“The paramedics didn’t understand. Frankly, they didn’t get it. Two hours in the landing gear is a long time. He’s still alive,” the person filming can be heard saying.

The man was estimated to be between 20 and 30 years old and was not in possession of any identification documents, French authorities said.

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