7 Magick Tips from William S. Burroughs

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I’m not sure when this article detailing the magical technologies utilized by author William S. Burroughs originally posted but… the classics never date. An excerpt notes:

“Naked Lunch only marked the beginning of William S. Burroughs’ career as a writer, however, and over the coming decades he began to produce stacks of novels aimed at ‘destablizing control,’ created using the cut-up technique he had learned from his occult mentor Brion Gysin, and increasingly engaged in using the techniques of applied magic for breaking the boundaries of 20th century life—as Burroughs and Gysin put it, “storming the reality studio.” This makes Burroughs’ entire output—particularly his non-fiction books The Job and The Third Mind, critical reading for any magician. Burroughs, who dressed not in silly robes but in a sober gray suit, like a Midwestern bank manager, used his appearance to present a striking contrast to his dangerous ideas and the raw, homoerotic, occult chaos of his books.”

Besides going over his life and literary career the article lists seven of Bill’s preferred magick techniques, often illustrated with video and sound recordings of Burroughs and Burroughs fans like Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Gus Van Zant. HAVE A LOOK!



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